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Japanese Video Streaming Service 
Introducing our New Service: Jme

Experience unlimited access to a wide array of popular dramas, movies, variety shows, news, and more from NHK and other broadcasters—all for a fixed price.

Enjoy your favorite content anytime, anywhere in the US and Canada via the internet.

Jme is a trusted and officially licensed service, ensuring a safe and secure viewing experience approved by Japanese rights holders.

Latest Series Now Streaming!

Click here to view how to sign up to Jme with screenshots
TV Service
Black Diamond
Enjoy TV Service and On Demand with One App

Jme Subscription Fee 

US$25 /Month 

(excluding tax)

Experience unlimited access to live NHK news, a wide array of popular dramas, movies, variety shows and more from NHK and other broadcasters. Enjoy your favorite content anytime, anywhere in the USA and Canada via the internet. No cable subscription required!  —all for a fixed price : US$25.00/month +tax or US$250.00/year + tax.

TV Service


Stream live NHK programs similar to those aired on TV Japan. Some programs, such as select news and Grand Sumo Tournament are also available in English audio.


Stream live English language coverage of Japanese culture and entertainment, local tourism information.


Enjoy NHK and programs from other broadcasters on your time zone in USA and Canada. Jme Select's program schedule is tailored to your lifestyle. Enjoy most trending contents from Japan such as  "The Tiger and Her Wings" and "Project X".

Jme Grand Sumo

Jme Grand Sumo will be back in July! We will stream July Tournament (7/14~28) 4 times a day. Jme Grand Sumo is available in both Japanese and English audio.  (Please select audio from ”Speech bubble” button on the bottom right conner of the screen.


Grand Sumo Tournament's Streaming Schedule 7/14~28


Grand Sumo Tournament

(2 hours 5 mins)

2:00 pm (ET) / 11:00 am (PT)


Grand Sumo Tournament

(2 hours 5 mins)

5:00 pm (ET) /  2:00 pm (PT)


Grand Sumo Tournament

(2 hours 5 mins)

8:00 pm (ET) /  5:00 pm (PT)


Grand Sumo Highlight

(25 mins)

Immediately after (3) JAPANESE ONLY


Grand Sumo Tournament

(2 hours 5 mins)

11:00 pm (ET)/8:00 pm (PT)


Grand Sumo Highlight

(25 mins)

Immediately after (4)  JAPANESE ONLY

​※The streaming schedule is subject to change.

On Demand

Enjoy a diverse range of Japanese programs, including latest dramas, movies, variety shows and anime from NHK and other broadcasters. New programs are added every Tuesday and Saturday. The latest drama series such as  "Antihero," "Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out," and "Yips” are coming soon on Jme!

Screenshot 2024-01-30 at 15.23.16.png
Ways to Watch

More Convenient and Affordable than TV JAPAN

Enjoy Anytime, Anywhere in the US and Canada

Jme can be viewed anywhere using the Jme app or website. You can use it in a variety of settings to suit your lifestyle - in your living room, kitchen, business trips, or travel destinations.

Easy Steps to Register Online

You can start watching immediately after registering online.

Watch it on TV and Various Devices

With select smart TVs and streaming devices, you can watch Jme on your big screen from the comfort of your own home. Also compatible with smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Significantly Reduced Fee

If you only want to watch Jme, you can enjoy 3 TV channels and VOD for only US$ 25 per month without paying for any additional viewing fees. (internet service, required)


Enjoy Jme on Select Devices

Download Jme App from app stores

Smart TV
Google TVAmazon Fire TVRoku TV


Streaming Device
Amazon Fire TV StickRoku ExpressApple TV


App StoreGoogle Play


Computer (PC/Mac)


It is NHK's Japanese language channel for viewers living or traveling overseas. We provide 24 hours a day of a selection of NHK programs from Japan, including news and information programs, dramas, music programs, children's programs, and sports. NHK World Premium provided the core content for TV JAPAN.

What is the difference between NHK WORLD PREMIUM and TV JAPAN?

The key differences between NHK WORLD PREMIUM and TV JAPAN are:
・NHK WORLD PREMIUM does not include other broadcasters’ programs. They will be available in Jme’s VOD service.
・The broadcast schedule of the program is different. For TV JAPAN, we had created our broadcast schedule to make it easier for people living in the United States and Canada. However, NHK WORLD PREMIUM broadcast creates its schedule for worldwide distribution.

・Please check NHK WORLD PREMIUM website for the programs and schedule.

・NHK WORLD PREMIUM cannot be recorded.


It is NHK’s English language service broadcasting news and programs to the world.

Can I watch the programs I used to watch on TV JAPAN on Jme?

NHK programs can be viewed on the NHK WORLD PREMIUM channel on Jme. NHK WORLD PREMIUM provided the core content for TV JAPAN, so you can continue to watch NHK programs the same way as you viewed them on TV JAPAN. Please check the NHK WORLD PREMIUM website for the programs and schedule.
You can watch other broadcasters’ programs, movies, and anime on video-on-demand.

Can I watch other broadcasters’ dramas currently aired in Japan?

You can watch select dramas currently aired in Japan on Jme’s video-on-demand.
Other popular drams and past masterpieces can also be viewed on-demand.

Do on-demand program’s accessibility expire?

Yes. Due to program licensing terms, the end date for each program differs. The viewing period varies depending on the program. We are currently adjusting the distribution end date so that you can check it on the app and website. Please note, that the program distribution period, including the end date, may be changed due to various circumstances.

Are there bilingual programs?

On NHK WORLD PREMIUM, you can watch select news such as ``NHK News 7'' and ``News Watch 9'' as well as live broadcasts of sumo matches in dual languages. It is possible to switch the audio on the screen. There are no bilingual programs available on demand.

Are there any programs with English subtitles?

Select movies and TV shows have English subtitles in our on-demand library. There are two types: with English subtitles and with English subtitles (closed captions).

What kind of OS and PC environment do I need to view Jme?

The following environment is required. Please use the latest version of your OS and browser as much as possible.


Microsoft Windows 8 SP1 or late
Mac OS 11 or later

Browser: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari  
*Depending on older models, viewing issues may occur even if the OS version is the latest.

The following versions of Apple iOS are recommended. Please use the latest versions of iOS and Jme apps.       

iOS: 13 or later AppleTV: tvOS11 or later

The following Android OS versions are recommended. Please use the latest versions of the OS and Jme apps.    

OS: Android 6.0 Marshmallow or later

Is it possible to watch on multiple devices at the same time?

You can watch Jme with multiple devices but stream on two devices simultaneously per registered account.

How can I watch Jme on TV?

If you are using a smart TV (Google TV, Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV), search for Jme on your smart TV app store and download the Jme app. If you don't have a smart TV, you can connect a streaming device: Amazon Fire TV stick, Apple TV, or Roku via HDMI and connect it to your home Wi-Fi. Then search and download the Jme app from each device's app store.

Unlike illegal distribution services, Jme is an officially licensed service by Japanese rights holders

  Never Use Illegal Services!  

◎It is a Violation of Copyright Law.

Pirated content leads to copyright infringement and full-fledged measures to stop these illegal distributions have been in place and can lead to loss of service and your paid fees.

◎Your Personal Information may be Exposed

There is a significant risk of data theft. Your credit card information and personal information may be exposed by these illegal services.

◎Risk of Credit Fraud

Frequent victims of fraud with credit card information used to pay for illegal services.

According to a survey, approximately 70% of respondents have experienced some form of fraud.

◎Risk of Virus Infection

You risk being exposed to dangerous malware by using unregulated and pirate-run services.

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